& The Artful Knife

Justine "JT" Godown discovered a love for impasto (heavily textured) oil painting after retiring from commercial interior design. In 2009, while attending a painting class, the instructor suggested she try painting solely with the palette knife usually delegated to mixing paint and a life's passion was born.  Freed from the constraint of the brushwork, JT discovered a direct link between her emotional connection to the subject and the purity of the paint color. The resulting artwork possesses an intense movement that transports the viewer to the pastoral scenes she paints. 


In 2014, JT's work space expanded from her initial home studio in Fairfax, VA, to include a second studio in Great Cacapon, WV.  The WV studio is located adjacent to the Cacapon River which provides an endless supply of gorgeous scenic inspiration. Moving a large portion of her painting equipment to the WV studio enabled her to expand her other artistic medium: fused glass.